You can live an impossibly happier life regardless of your age, past pain or current circumstances. Because anything is possible When PIGGS Fly. 




Hi, I’m Martin Pigg and I help people live impossibly happier lives with Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace. For fun I fly airplanes, lift weights and occasionally wear a speedo on stage.



Before you answer that question it’s important to understand that PIGG stands for Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace, which are the four energies that, when combined, will guide you to your purpose in life. And while I’m pretty confident that no one has ever asked you that question before, the fact is that when you focus primarily on Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace, you can create the life you really want to live and a life where anything really is possible.

Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace are the foundation of The PIGG Principle, which is my proven strategy for finding and living your purpose in life based on my five decade connection to the importance of having a purpose, my work with clients and the pursuit of my own purpose, which I am blessed to live every day. Here’s The PIGG Principle:

“When you pursue your Passion with Intention and Gratitude your passion will become your purpose or lead you to it. And when you live with Grace you help other people find and live their purpose.”

For me, discovering my passion for flying airplanes gave me the freedom to believe that I could do anything, and eventually it led me to my purpose in life. For you, there’s a passion with the potential to inspire you and become your purpose or lead you to it. And if you’re unsure about what that passion is at the moment, it’s time to start having fun figuring out what it is.

While each of the four energies has specific characteristics as they relate to finding and living your purpose in life, they work together to meet three essential elements for a purpose: Passion, Growth and Contribution.

When you spend the most creative and productive hours of your day doing something you’re passionate about, that causes you to grow and makes a difference in the world, you’re living on purpose. And what I love most about The PIGG Principle is that the pursuit of your purpose is directly connected to finding and intentionally pursuing something that lights you up.

On the flightpath to your purpose, Passion, Intention and Gratitude give you wings and Grace gives you lift. And with wings and lift, Anything is Possible.

Are You Ready For Your PIGG To Fly?