Sometimes all you really need is one idea to awaken you from the slumber of sameness to claim your God-given right to be who you are in a world that expects you to be somebody else.


Because Anything is Possible When PIGGs Fly


Inspiration For Your Journey In Three Minutes or Less


The PIGG Principle is my all-passion, no-pressure guaranteed framework for finding and living your purpose in life through the intentional pursuit of your greatest passion. And it’s based on my 50-year family connection to purpose, my work with clients and the pursuit of my own purpose.

Winning The War With Your Self  identifies the two Selves within each one of us that battle for the right to determine the course of our lives. They are the Authentic Self and the Insidious Self. And in my book I give readers the tools they need to defeat the Insidious Self and trade the life they’re expected to live for the life they really want to live.