If I’m honest with myself the answer is always no. Because I have an insatiable need to become more than I am, which can be healthy or unhealthy depending on your baseline beliefs about who you are. To know yourself is to understand the nature of your dissatisfaction. Is it because you’re unhappy with who you are or because you love yourself enough to believe that you’re capable of so much more?

There were times in my life when I wasn’t happy with the man staring back at me. Times when I failed to do the work I felt called to do. Other times when I was in so much pain that I closed myself off from the rest of the world. And whenever that happened I always returned to one essential truth that pulled me back from the abyss:

The Universe receives your innermost thoughts and reflects them back as your life.

What we do and who we are is all about what we think of ourselves and what we believe we are capable of achieving. And anyone who truly knows us, knows exactly what we are thinking by the way we are living. With a lack of self awareness it’s easy to miss the signs of a life gone awry. But if we understand and appreciate the awesome power of our connection to the One holding the mirror in front of us, we have the ability to channel our dissatisfaction in ways that inspire us to live more fulfilling lives.