Every character trait you need in order to achieve a major life goal (live your purpose, start a business, pursue your passion, etc) can be developed and/or strengthened while achieving your optimal level of health through the use of mindful eating and resistance training.


Link a life goal that inspires you to a fitness goal that stretches you and provide expert training, coaching and accountability to achieve them both. The goals must be challenging enough to force you out of your comfort zone and not general goals such as “to be happier” or “to lose weight.” 


  • Optimal Health

  • Heroic Courage

  • Extreme Self Confidence

  • Achievement of Goals That Stretch You

  • Limitless Living

  • Greater Self Discipline

  • Empowering Daily Rituals

  • Strong Belief in yourself

  • Increased Self Worth

  • Intense Focus

  • Heightened Self Esteem

  • Breaking Through Pain Barriers

  • Healthy Lifestyle Changes

  • Higher Standards for Yourself

  • A Winner’s Mindset

  • Crystal Clear Clarity

  • More Mental, Emotional and Physical Energy

  • More Joy

  • More Passion

  • More Happiness

  • Greater sense of fulfillment

  • The opportunity to Inspire others

Invest In Your Transformation

You’ve invested a lot of time, money and effort to help others achieve their goals and dreams. Isn’t it time to invest in your own goals and dreams?


Martin Pigg


Author, Speaker, Coach, Commercial Pilot, Competitive Bodybuilder


I started Hero Health Club after experiencing every one of the 22 benefits I’ve listed on this page as a result of resistance training and the significant impact that training had on my health, my ability to heal from profound grief and, ultimately, the unwavering confidence to go after my dreams.

I’ve partnered with my personal coach, Marcelo Tertuliano, to bring this program to you because, besides being one of the elite personal trainers on the planet, he has the mindset of a champion and does not except excuses from anyone he works with, including me.

I organized my life and this program around a truism that has radically altered the course of my health, my work and my life for the better:

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

How we do things in one area of our lives affects how we do things in other areas, and an example from my own life comes from the gym. For years, I thought I was training with intention and believed I was giving my best effort when, in reality, I now know that I was probably training at about 60% of my capacity. And when I looked at the other important areas of my life, I could see where I was giving about the same amount of energy and effort to those areas. But when I raised my standards for what was acceptable in my training and increased the amount of time I was spending on personal development, my results went to another level.

As we work together, I will share more of my journey with you (and it has been one hell of a journey). But for now, I want to leave you with this; You arrived in the world as “a spiritual being having a human experience” as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin put it so well. You did not bring an owners manual entitled How To Be Human with you on your journey through life. So wherever life finds you right now, don’t beat yourself up for where you are, because we are supposed to screw things up before we get them right. As Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

This is your “Do Better Moment.” The opportunity to commit to a program that will radically alter your life and your health for the better if you’re ready for significant change and willing to do the work that’s required. We will be with you all the way because we have been where you are and know how to help you reach and exceed your goals. And now the only thing left, is to get started.


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What People Are Saying About Martin

“Martin gave me the weapons to overcome the obstacles I face in pursuit of my dreams. Everyone needs his words and positivity. The world would be a much better place if we all took a moment to listen to him.”

– Joy Hensley, Author

“I first met this remarkable speaker and life coach at a conference about six years ago. If you’re unhappy with your station in life–if you still have unfulfilled dreams– Martin can help!”

– Dave Umberger, Educational Software Sales

“I find it beautifully appropriate that Martin is a licensed pilot, because he not only has a gift for helping others take a “10,000- foot view” of the challenges that seem so overwhelming, but he also knows how to take them aloft in pursuit of their dreams! ” 

– Tom Martin, Tom Martin Media

“Every once in a while in a sea of ordinary you find that one treasure that shines brighter. Martin is a perfect blend of toughness and practicality with a softer side blended for guidance and reflection. His coaching is unique in that he is distinctly able to look at the big picture and gently move you towards your highest goals. Martin is an all in one coaching package for your biggest cheerleader, toughest accountability partner and bigger vision developer.”

– Jessica Brace, Video Marketing Strategist




The Hero Health Club is a 12 month membership plan and includes the following:

  • Custom Eating Plans

  • Custom Training Plans

  • Custom Mindset Plans

  • Weekly progress checkins with Martin and _________ 

  • Monthly coaching and accountability Zoom calls with Martin and _______

  • 24/7 text access to Martin and Marcelo

  •  Private Facebook Group