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We all have an inner PIGG that wants desperately to fly. It’s the Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace (PIGG) that has always been there waiting for the opportunity to guide us to the life we’ve always wanted to live. My PIGG flew the moment I took the controls of an airplane for the first time and then led me to my purpose in life. And as the flight instructor on stage, my promise to the audience is that I will teach them the one principle their PIGG needs to fly in order to find and live their purpose in life.

We’ll talk about The PIGG Principle in detail, going over the specifics of each energy and how they work together. I’ll share stories of the desperate search for my own purpose in 26 countries on 3 continents and how I found it in the most unexpected of places. And I will give them a proven strategy for finding and living their own purpose through the intentional pursuit of their greatest passion. Oh, and we’ll also have some fun along the way.

By the time I’m finished, I want people to believe that anything really is possible for them. That they will succeed because of what they’ve been through and not in spite of what they’ve been through. That their resiliency is a superpower when used to move their lives forward. And that regardless of their age, past pain or current circumstances they can begin, right now, to trade the life they’re expected to live for the life they really want to live, while having a blast and making a difference along the way.

I first met this remarkable speaker and life coach at a conference about six years ago. If you’re unhappy with your station in life–if you still have unfulfilled dreams– Martin can help!

Dave Umberger

Educational Software Sales

I find it beautifully appropriate that Martin is a licensed pilot, because he not only has a gift for helping others take a “10,000- foot view” of the challenges that seem so overwhelming, but he also knows how to take them aloft in pursuit of their dreams!

Tom Martin

Tom Martin Media