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We all have an inner PIGG that wants desperately to fly. It’s the Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace (PIGG) inside all of us that searches for the opportunity to guide us to an inspired life filled with passion, purpose and possibilities. And as the Chief Soaring Officer on stage, my promise to the audience is that I will teach them The PIGG Principle, which is the one principle they need in order to create and live exactly that kind of life, regardless of their age, past pain or current circumstances.

I’ll explain how PIGG (aka The Four Pillars of Purpose) works to create a life filled with passion, purpose and possibilities. I’ll share stories of the desperate search for my own inspired life in 26 countries on 3 continents and, ultimately, how the discovery of my greatest passion guided me to it. And I will give the audience a proven framework for creating their own inspired lives through the intentional pursuit of their greatest passion. Oh, and we’ll also have some fun along the way.

When I’m finished, the audience will leave with the understanding that they will succeed because of what they’ve been through and not in spite of what they’ve been through. That their resiliency is a superpower when used to learn lessons that move their lives forward. And that regardless of their age, past pain or current circumstances, they can begin, right now, to trade the life they’re expected to live for the life they really want to live, while having a lot of fun and making a difference along the way.


Sounds like an odd question, right? But if we want to make quantum leaps in our work and life, we must choose one and not the other to be our best friend, because Art and Sid don’t get along. They have different plans for our life. Sid urges us to stay the course and avoid the risk of failure while ignoring the opportunity to create a life that’s authentically ours and not what others expect. Art urges us to use our unique gifts to create a masterpiece; a significant life filled with passion, purpose and possibilities.

In my book Winning The War With Your Self, I introduce the reader to the two selves within each one of us that battle for the right to determine the course of our lives. These two combatants are The Insidious Self (Sid) and The Authentic Self (Art). In short, The Authentic Self is tethered to our soul and cries out to us to live a life that aligns with who we are at the core of our Being. The Insidious Self is the untethered fusion of our fears, self criticisms, judgements and disappointments with the fears, criticisms, judgements and disappointments of our parents, friends and society, and it lobs fear bombs whenever we dare to dream of a life that’s better and more authentic than the one we have.

While on stage, my mission is to give the audience a thorough introduction to Art and Sid. I want them to become familiar with the Authentic Powers (Faith, Hope, Love, etc) and Insidious Weapons (Pain, Fear, Doubt, etc) that each deploy in their effort to win the war. Most importantly, I will teach the audience the strategy they need to win the war for themselves and create a life that’s filled with passion, personal growth and the opportunity to make a difference in the world. And that is my promise to the audience.

I first met this remarkable speaker and life coach at a conference about six years ago. If you’re unhappy with your station in life–if you still have unfulfilled dreams– Martin can help!

Dave U

Educational Software Sales

I find it beautifully appropriate that Martin is a licensed pilot, because he not only has a gift for helping others take a “10,000- foot view” of the challenges that seem so overwhelming, but he also knows how to take them aloft in pursuit of their dreams!

Tom M

Media Relations

Martin gave me the weapons to overcome the obstacles I face in pursuit of my dreams. Everyone needs his words and positivity. The world would be a much better place if we all took a moment to listen to him.

Joy H