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Whenever I speak to an audience I’m mindful of the fact that people come into the room with many different goals but one main want; they want more of something in their lives. Occasionally, it’s money. But usually it’s something more meaningful to them such as happiness, joy, fulfillment or passion.

What audiences don’t want is to hear the the same message of personal development delivered in the same way so often that it becomes white noise. They want an aha moment. They want to be inspired. They want to smile and, most importantly, they want solutions. And that’s what I deliver.

I’m passionate about helping people find and live their purpose because I had a front row seat for 30 years as I watched mom pursue her purpose and live an amazing life, while dad gave up on his purpose and lived a very painful life. And as for me, I spent twenty years on three continents searching for my purpose and found it in the most unexpected of places.

My mission is to deliver a message that inspires people to believe in themselves and their unique gifts. And by the time I’m finished with my presentation, I want every one in the room to believe that their most important mission is to find and live their own purpose. Because in my experience, that’s the best way for people to find the happiness, joy, fulfillment and passion they seek.


Current Speaking Topics
(Short presentations, keynotes, half and full day events)

The PIGG Principle

The All-Passion No-Pressure, Guaranteed Strategy For Finding And Living Your Purpose Based On The Intentional Pursuit Of Your Greatest Passion.

Post Pandemic Greatness

The Three Step Strategy For Creating Your Best Life based on the lessons we learned from living through COVID 19 and what really matters in the most important areas of our lives.

Relationship Rewrite

Our Lives Are A Story. But most of us are living a story based on the fears, criticisms, disappointments and expectations of other people. Here’s where we rewrite the relationship we have with ourselves and take control of our story by creating a powerful personal narrative.

I first met this remarkable speaker and life coach at a conference about six years ago. If you’re unhappy with your station in life–if you still have unfulfilled dreams– Martin can help!

Dave Umberger

Educational Software Sales

I find it beautifully appropriate that Martin is a licensed pilot, because he not only has a gift for helping others take a “10,000- foot view” of the challenges that seem so overwhelming, but he also knows how to take them aloft in pursuit of their dreams!

Tom Martin

Tom Martin Media