This morning I was thinking about that scripture in Matthew that talks about the birds of the air not sowing or reaping and yet God takes care of them and ends with, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

For all of the good our evolved brains allow us to do, they haven’t evolved to the point where we understand that there’s absolutely no value in worry. And while it makes sense to be concerned to the point where we take common sense precautions, to be worried about a negative outcome that, for most of us, is unlikely to occur, makes no sense.

Self quarantine is the perfect time for self examination. A great opportunity to take your kids for a walk in the woods or a bike ride. The chance you’ve been wanting to read that book on your list. Or maybe start that new business we’re gonna need when the economy springs back to life as it always does.

Or maybe just go out to a lake and hang out with the birds. I guarantee you they’re not worried.